Vision for the Upper Room Art Gallery

To foster and facilitate the recognition of, the place of Visual Arts as an essential thread in the tapestry of expressions, which makes up ones culture, and to commit to contributing in a significant way to its development and meaningful utility to the wider community. The Gallery actively encourages interaction of various publics.

Supporting the gallery

Your generous support is essential to our continued development, growth and independence
1. Purchase of works of Art held by The Gallery
2. Grants, Funding, Contributions, Pledges et.c. to further the work of the Gallery and it's development.
3. Advance Purchases - Commitment / Pledge to advance a determined annual sum of money in exchange for that value in works of Art.
4. Technical support, skills, advise, consultancy to further the developmental goals of the Gallery.
5. Networking to broaden the support base for the Gallery through

  • Social Events
  • Gallery Opening
  • Introduction and Referrals
  • Endorsements and Recommendations
  • 6. Barter - Works of Art and supply of hospitality services in exchange for products and services.